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Expert Testimonials of Dermeleve®

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Lichenoid eruption from Interferon Treatment of Hepatitis C


I have a female patient who is on Interferon and [another antiviral medication] for Hep C. Eight weeks into the treatment, she has a morbilliform eruption, mainly on the trunk. Somewhat pruritic. She has already tried Zyrtec, Claritin, Atarax, and Benadryl with disappointing results, as far as controlling the itch and rash. She doesn't want to stop the Interferon, and I can't blame her. No other drugs. She developed a lichenoid eruption on the upper trunk. The itch was what bothered her. Dermeleve helped her immensely.

Shingles Patient


Just thought I would share the comments from a patient with severe pruritus associated with zoster.

“Thanks so much for the anti-itch “potion”—it got me through the wedding without looking like I had St. Vitus’ Dance.  In case your friend wants any feedback on it, for me, it acted something like this:  Touching the area to apply anything was exquisitely painful—kind of like stinging nettles, if you’ve ever been hiking and got them on you.  In addition to the touch the first application on the shingles started to burn at an escalating rate (kind of like taking a hot pepper in your mouth, thinking it’s going to be ok, and then it starts building in intensity and starts to scare you)—just at the uh-oh-very-warm stage it stopped warming and turned cool!  Then there was a measure of numbness, which was such a relief from the shingles pain that it gave me shivers at first.  By late Friday night and the 3rd application I was beginning to feel like a junky waiting for the needle!  By Saturday night even the pain of application was considerably eased, and I could put clothes on for first time without agony.  Now the hive-like swelling has gone down and the whole area has shrunk and is beginning to dry up into the pox-like patches.  The itching is more like tingling, and is mostly quite bearable.  The pain all over the back is much less, although the deep pain and burning down my arms and back is not yet gone.  Today is my last day of acyclovir (and my G-I tract says thanks for that fact), but I think the scourge is generally on the run (no pun intended….)  Again, thank you both so much for my relief and management!”

Brachioradial Pruritus

I had two patients in a row this afternoon who were both 60 year old ladies with an airborne contact dermatitis in upper chest, abdomen, back, but sparing the breasts and both had severe itching for several weeks and both improved 90% within three minutes of the application of the Dermeleve anti itch cream.  I really love that stuff.  

Brachioradial Pruritus 2

I just had a brachioradial pruritus walk in. Years of terrible drives her crazy itch of the left arm (she has areas of digging/crusts) happens every fall...lots of sun in the summer (who knows if that is why?)...

After five minutes of itch! (except in the area under her short sleeve that I did not pick up to apply on).