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Developed by dermatologists to stop itch at the source, guaranteed.

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“My doctor gave me samples and my itching was gone within minutes. This is THE miracle cure.”

- Taylor A.

A new standard for itch relief

Dermeleve® is a proprietary topical formulation developed by dermatologists to stop itch at the source. Its SrX-38™ steroid-free formula has been clinically shown to absorb rapidly into the skin and significantly reduce the sensation of itch.

Apply Dermeleve® to affected areas as needed or as directed by a physician.

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The science behind Dermeleve®

  • The itch cycle

    When itching is triggered either by external stimuli or internal conditions, it triggers an urge to scratch, which in turn results in inflammatory response and skin damage.

  • The solution

    Dermeleve® was specifically developed by dermatologists to target and reduce the sensation of itch, interrupting this vicious cycle and allowing skin to heal.

Hear from Dr. Dasilva

Dermeleve has been a game changer for me in many different itching disorders."

Dr. Diego Ruiz Dasilva, Board Certified Dermatologist

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand by all of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So give Dermeleve® a try risk-free! If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, we will issue a full refund within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked.

The proof is in the experience

Hear what patients and doctors have to say about Dermeleve®

  • “Dermeleve is the ONLY product I have used that calms my itching. I’ve used it for eczema and hives, and have had relief within minutes.”

    - Martha H.

  • “I had two patients this afternoon, both 60 year old women with airborne contact dermatitis. Both had severe itching for several weeks and both improved 90% within three minutes of the application of Dermeleve anti itch cream. I really love that stuff.”

    - Dermatologist

  • “I have had this itchy psoriasis on my hands for years! I have tried everything, including steroid ointments, (that I don’t want to use). I tried Dermeleve and immediately the itching was gone.”

    - Shannon R.

Trusted by over 2,000 doctors.

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