My daughter has been suffering with eczema for years. Products prescribed or over the counter lotions only provided temporary relief! It was like putting a band aid on the problem as opposed to getting to the root of the problem, until we discovered Dermeleve.

My daughter experienced immediate relief & after a few weeks noticed her discoloration/ hyper pigmentation was lightening & her need for scratching had subsided.  I would highly recommend this product & grateful her doctor had provided her with samples.

I have had chronic hives since I was a baby and other severe skin issues. As a type 1 diabetic, I was facing a round of steroids for the severity of my hives. Steroids and diabetes is all baaaaaad! And can be dangerous.  My dermatologist recommended this cream to me. I’ve used it for almost a week. For the hives, for the other skin issues. It works within minutes and lasts for me personally upwards of 10 hours. I sleep through the night. No more raw open hives or wounds from scratching the other itchy issues. You require very little and it seems the tube will last a good while because of this.  I am officially giving a 10 ⭐Review and am now a FOREVER Customer.  


I have had this itchy psoriasis on my hands for years! I have tried everything, including steroid ointments, (that I don’t want to use). I tried Dermeleve and immediately the itching was gone within minutes. The dry dead skin build-up is starting to go away –I think because I stopped itching so much? The pictures that I include we taken about two weeks apart.

I  am a long time allergy sufferer – as are many people in Texas.  One way my allergies often present is itching on the top of my feet.  This includes environmental allergens that have not come in contact with my feet.

For years, I’ve itched the top of my feet to the point of breaking the skin and bleeding.  Although sometimes allergy pills help – they can often take up to an hour to work – and who wants to take a pill when there are no other allergy symptoms present?  Cortisone creams usually don’t do much to alleviate the itch.

I happened to mention this to a co-worker of mine who had just returned from a trade conference and had been given Dermeleve by Marc Ducheiko, the company’s CGO. She, in turn gave me a sample. During an “itchy foot” episode I tried the Dermeleve, even though I was extremely skeptical (as I’ve tried so many products in the past).  In less than 10 minutes, my foot wasn’t itching at all!  I couldn’t believe it.  I ran back to my  co-worker and begged for another sample.  

I am so happy to have found this product as now I know I don’t have to ingest pills or opt for a steroid cream that may – or may not- alleviate the situation.  This is the first Spring EVER that I can recall the tops of my feet being scab free.  I’m, aware that this reads as an “over the top” review – but this really is an over the top product!

I have had the worst 3 years of my life battling bacterial folliculitis of unknown source. I have what I call call volcano sores, and my hair has also begun to fall out as my scalp has begun to open up as well. I’ve tired every prescribed ointment, lotion, soap, oil, etc… as well as every over the counter product I can find. I’ve stopped just short of going on o a witch doctor trying to find relief. I have had not quality of life because i I look and feel absolutely disgusting. 
I finally decided to change dermatologist, and am now so blessed to be going to the dermatology department at Texas Tech Health Science Center. I was given a sample to try in hopes to relieve my burning and crawling sensation. Quite honestly, I had little confidence since nothing else has even come close to giving me relief. 
All I can say is - THANK YOU! Although my appearance has a long way to go since I’ve been in a state of constant misery for going on 4 years, I do feel like the crawling and burning is better thanks to this cream. I can’t express my level with of appreciation. I do wish this was slightly stronger for my skin condition, but I’m grateful for the relief i am getting.

Real life testimonial. I had my flip flops on Sunday morning when I felt sharp pain and looked down to see that I was standing on a fire ant hill. There were probably 100 ants on each foot. My feet were on "fire" instantly. I quickly asked my partner where the Dermeleve was. She grabbed it, and I rubbed some on both feet after grabbing a hose and washing off the ants. The fire (itching) stopped immediately. It's now Thursday I have many small blisters on my feet. I didn't know it until I saw them. I have not had a moment of discomfort since the first and only treatment. Quite impressive.