Sunburn Relief

A nap on the Beach during some cool weather led to the worst sunburn on my lower pack that I have EVER had. My pants were uncomfortable, bending over felt as if my skin was tearing, I even had swelling. This cream/ointment/miracle potion saved me. It eased the burning pain for hours at a time and my pants were no longer irritating my skin. After a few days, I was healed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this product! I now carry your blue & white bottled beauty in my beach bag at all times because, Hey you never know when you will get lost in the gorgeous Florida Sun Rays on a breezy day. Be Well & Thanks again!

D'Anna R. :-)

It works! No more itchy back! Yeah!

It works! No more itchy back! Yeah!

Carol T

“Godsend” hand cream.

I’m very picky about my hand cream, and have always had soft skin. Recently, my palms began itching and I was forced to go to a Dermatologist. My hands suddenly turned red, thickened with horrible crinkled palms, almost blistering, although anyone else looking at my hands would have thought I cleaned without gloves too much. Not! 😂
I was prescribed a steroid cream, which has helped. But the only thing that seems to stop the itch or ache of this new skin problem is the Dermeleve cream which the Dermatologist suggested I try when she handed me a sample. Too much anti-bacterial soap and liquid hand cleaners evidently doesn’t work well for me. The Dermatologist also suggested I stop at a drug store and try a tube of a specific healing ointment. The ointment made me feel as though I had applied Vaseline, which I didn’t care for at all. 
Later, I tried the sample of Dermeleve, and there is absolutely no comparison! This is a soothing cream which relieved my hand pain & itch almost immediately. It dries quickly and I can reapply as often as needed, although I only apply it a few times during the day and before bedtime. 
Since my prescription steroid can only be used twice a day, this Dermeleve was a Godsend! Even though my hands are still a bit of a mess, at least I am comfortable while healing. I am extremely pleased with Dermeleve and will continue using it in the future. Karen N

A tip on conserving every last bit

"As someone suffering from a severe break out of a rash from stress, I didn't want to waste any of the cream from the tube. Short of cutting open the tube, I discovered if I hold the tube against a light, I am able to see whether there are any more remaining in the tube and where the cream would be and squeeze the tube in that area." -PCP

Literally life changing…

I found a new dermatologist, Stephen Switlyk, M.D. who is working on diagnosing the cause of a new rash that has persisted for 5 months.  The itching is so severe at times it wakes me up in the middle of the night.  Dr. Switlyk asked me try a sample of Dermeleve in his office while doing his intake … a few minutes into the intake, he asked, “how is the itching?”  I said, “I forgot!”  Absolutely love the product – it has become literally life changing as I head to France for 2 weeks … don’t know what I would have done without this wonderful product.  Thank you!

Ken C.


Love the product.  As the surviving spouse of a well known dermatologist and dermatopathologist suffering from a whole body itchy rash that just won’t go away, Dermeleve really helps with my itch and it is steroid free too!  My only suggestion is to put the product in a big jar.  Thank you. PCP