Thank you for your feedback!

We appreciate your time and valuable insight. Based on your responses, we thought you might be interested in the following options to improve integration with your practice.


Sample Auto-Ship

In our ongoing efforts to enhance convenience, we have a sample auto-ship option for practices who are actively referring to Dermeleve. Every two months, we dispatch two boxes of 50 sachets, accompanied by tear-off slips for your patients. This streamlined process aims to efficiently integrate samples into your practice.

If you are interested in being enrolled in auto-ship, click below.


Wholesale Dispensing

For patients seeking immediate solutions, or for the senior cohort facing challenges ordering online, we offer providers the option to carry inventory at wholesale prices. Dispensing from your practice maximizes convenience for your patients by allowing them to leave with a full-size product for long-lasting relief.

If you are interested in dispensing full-size tubes of Dermeleve, click below.