Seth C., M.D.

I am currently a 45 year old male and was diagnosed with Psoriasis at the Age of 7.  It started primarily on my scalp where people thought I had dandruff all the time, but in reality it was just excessive skin growth - a condition known as Psoriasis.  In my early years, I would use many different type of medicated, tar based shampoo's along with various topical gels to help with the irritations in my scalp and behind my ears.  They worked intermittently, but wouldn't control the itching and the eventual burning with each application.  For some reason, I have a rare form where UV light treatments - which is a common treatment for Psoriasis - actually made my psoriatic patches burn.  I also had issues growing up with natural sunlight and chlorine which both irritated my skin and made it worse.

As I got into my late teens and early 20s, the condition spread to other parts of my body - particularly my upper back, elbows, knees and lower legs.  I have used countless prescriptions and over-the-counter medicated creams/gels with some mild occasional relief over the years.  Finally, in my mid-30s, I decided to go on stronger medications trying both pills and various injectables.  I finally ended up on Cosentyx which is an IL-17 inhibitor which I inject monthly for the past couple of years and has helped the most.  Thank god I have insurance and copay assistance as a 1 month prescription for Cosentyx is over $1500.  It has cleared my skin to 98%, but I still have a couple of lingering patches on my lower legs which wont go away.  

About 4 weeks ago I was introduced to Dermeleve Advanced Formula Cream.  I had never heard of it, but given my extensive history with Psoriasis I have always been willing to try new products to get some relief.  I must say that I am writing this testimonial because in the last almost 40 years this is the first product that I have tried that has actually worked.  It relieves my itching and it doesn't cause any burning when it is applied.  It is actually soothing.  In addition, I have noticed that as a cream it absorbs quite quickly as well - no mess.  I must say that I have been extremely surprised by how effective it is.  I apply a thin layer to affected areas twice a day - usually after showering.  It has completely relieved my itching, burning and it has been the best product I have ever used.  I highly recommend it to those with Psoriatic patches.