Scalp Itch – Becky F.

I have had the worst 3 years of my life battling bacterial folliculitis of unknown source. I have what I call call volcano sores, and my hair has also begun to fall out as my scalp has begun to open up as well. I’ve tired every prescribed ointment, lotion, soap, oil, etc… as well as every over the counter product I can find. I’ve stopped just short of going on o a witch doctor trying to find relief. I have had not quality of life because i I look and feel absolutely disgusting. 
I finally decided to change dermatologist, and am now so blessed to be going to the dermatology department at Texas Tech Health Science Center. I was given a sample to try in hopes to relieve my burning and crawling sensation. Quite honestly, I had little confidence since nothing else has even come close to giving me relief. 
All I can say is - THANK YOU! Although my appearance has a long way to go since I’ve been in a state of constant misery for going on 4 years, I do feel like the crawling and burning is better thanks to this cream. I can’t express my level with of appreciation. I do wish this was slightly stronger for my skin condition, but I’m grateful for the relief i am getting.