“Over the top!” for allergies -Sarah B

I  am a long time allergy sufferer – as are many people in Texas.  One way my allergies often present is itching on the top of my feet.  This includes environmental allergens that have not come in contact with my feet.

For years, I’ve itched the top of my feet to the point of breaking the skin and bleeding.  Although sometimes allergy pills help – they can often take up to an hour to work – and who wants to take a pill when there are no other allergy symptoms present?  Cortisone creams usually don’t do much to alleviate the itch.

I happened to mention this to a co-worker of mine who had just returned from a trade conference and had been given Dermeleve by Marc Ducheiko, the company’s CGO. She, in turn gave me a sample. During an “itchy foot” episode I tried the Dermeleve, even though I was extremely skeptical (as I’ve tried so many products in the past).  In less than 10 minutes, my foot wasn’t itching at all!  I couldn’t believe it.  I ran back to my  co-worker and begged for another sample.  

I am so happy to have found this product as now I know I don’t have to ingest pills or opt for a steroid cream that may – or may not- alleviate the situation.  This is the first Spring EVER that I can recall the tops of my feet being scab free.  I’m, aware that this reads as an “over the top” review – but this really is an over the top product!