Gail W.

I've been suffering from itchy skin for over 12 years, and since 2017 it's been unbearable.  My doctor gave me samples of Dermeleve and it is the miracle cure.  My back was operated on twice in 2017.    I'm 69, with a history of breast cancer (2009), 7 joint replacements, and numerous other surgeries.  Your cream works like no other.  I actually would use a back scratcher to the point where I was drawing blood. Now I have you to think because when the itching gets to the point where I look at the back scratcher I have my husband put Dermeleve all over my back the itching stops immediately and it actually lasts for days maybe longer.  Your company and my Dermatologist have changed my life.   Doctor's told me for years it was just dry skin.  Obviously they were wrong.  Thank you very much.  I'm always available if you need to contact me