Podcast: Clinical Pearl That You’re “Itching” To Hear

Fall Clinical


Episode 16 of Derms and Conditions has our host James Q. Del Rosso, DO speaking with Matthew Zirwas, MD about pruritus. Dr. Zirwas discusses the topical treatment of pruritis and offers a unique combination topical regimen that he often uses for his patients. He also presents some tips and tricks for treating Pruritus Ani. 

Dr. Del Rosso and Dr. Zirwas also discuss a new non-steroidal, topical agent for pruritus. Dr. Zirwas discusses, in detail, the hypothesized mechanism of action for this novel agent and shares his success using it in his clinic. Finally, he briefly mentions some alternative oral agents for the pruritic patient.

Dermeleve® is in All 50 States! Twice!

Dermeleve® now has a providing dermatologist in all 50 states! We just got a doctor in our last remaining state, Alaska!

Our online store also just sold direct to a customer in the last remaining state. It was between Alaska and Delaware, and Delaware was our final state to gain a customer.

We are thrilled, but we have a lot of work to do still, and many more people to reach. We are off to a tremendous start in our first year on the market and can’t wait to bring out new campaigns and some new products as well in 2022!